Current Per Diem Rate is 275 €
valid since 18.12.2019

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The displayed per diem rates are the maximum paid rates to experts on mission undertaken in the framework of an EU funded contract has been published by Directorate General Development and Cooperation.

The EuropeAid per diem rates are based on United Nations rates, which are set in accordance with country survey missions conducted by the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC). The UN data are derived from price surveys of good commercial hotels and meal costs for the respective third countries, with an additional 15 per cent for incidental expenses. As United Nations rates are expressed in US dollars, EuropeAid maximum per diem rates are the result of a conversion into EUR. Please find herewith for your easy reference the list with the adjusted rates specifically compiled for IPA and ENI beneficiaries.


Previous Per Diem Rate: 275 € valid since 24.07.2019
Previous Per Diem Rate: 275 € since 17.03.2017

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Local currency:Norwegian Krona (Symbol: kr )

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The Per Diem rates are based on EU Commission per diem page.
In case on any doubts please check this page.


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