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Africa completed :-)

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By today we’ve finalized the Africa section. Have a look around and find all African States on -> Africa section on

First Caribbean countries added

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Today we’ve added the first countries located in the Caribbean sea: Cuba Dominican Republic  Haiti Jamaica  Puerto Rico  More North American countries will follow soon

Many new countries added

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So, I have been very hard at work. A few Many more African countries have been added and the South American countries have been completed.

Added the first “Stans”

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Today we’ve added the first “Stans” to our Asia section. Please have a look at:– Kazakhstan– Kyrgyzstan– Tajikistan– Uzbekistan and– Turkmenistan

Zambia page added

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Some EU twinning projects in Sub-Sahara Africa have alredy been started. So, we’ve added Zambia as the newest page on per-diems-info.

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