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EU published new per diem rates on 25th July 2022

On 25th July the EU commission published new per diem rates for all EU member states and several other countries.

Most rates have been reduced, especially those for the Western Balkans and North Africa.

According to the EU, this was based on Commission Decision C (2021) 35 (“authorising the use of unit costs for travel, accommodation, and subsistence costs under an action or work programme under the 2021 – 2027 multi-annual financial framework”).

It remains to be seen to what extent this practice fits in with a steep rise in inflation, which is currently a global problem, and whether the rates will be adjusted again in the short term in line with inflation.

We will keep you informed.

Commission updated Per Diem information by 18th December 2019

The EU Commission updated the “Per Diem” information last week on the 18th December. Only change was the concretization of the definition of travel times covered by Per Diems:

Travelling time for the purpose of a mission is to be regarded as part of the mission. N.B. Travel undertaken by the expert for mobilisation and demobilisation as well as for leave purposes shall not be considered as working days or a mission, and will not be subject to payment of per-diems. “

EU published new Per Diem rates on 24.06.2019

On June 24th, the EU Commission published new per diem rates on their website, see

Again, the EU has had to take account of general price developments and has increased rates in some cases. In the Arab world in particular, the increased security situation had an impact on the Per Diems.

All new rates have already been updated on the country pages of .